There are a few simple rules that all players are expected to adhere to in the Star Wars: Visions community.

1. Courtesy and Respect

We expect all of our members, irrespective of their position, to treat each other with courtesy and respect. We will not tolerate bullying, harassment or any other kind of unacceptable behaviour. Disagreements are fine, but we expect everyone to be civil and to talk things over.

Please alert the Administration if there are concerns over player behaviour.

2. Use of English

All posts should be in English (though we’re not concerned whether you use American or British spellings; just be consistent), and all players should do their best to ensure that they use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. We understand that everyone makes mistakes however!

3. Taste and Decency

We are a mature group of players and moderate violence etc. is all part of the roleplaying experience. However, all players are expected to consider taste and decency when posting; content should be justifiable in an in-character context, and should not be excessive or sadistic. We have avoided being too specific as it is impossible to cover all circumstances, but we ask players to use their common sense before posting. If in doubt, please consult an Administrator before making your post.

4. Reason and Realism

The Star Wars universe has been described as science fiction or science fantasy. However, this doesn’t mean that anything goes! We expect players to put some thought into their characters and actions within the context of the SW universe. There are countless sources of information to consult, and the Star Wars wiki is always a good place to start:

We do not want any players or groups to be overpowered or given an unfair advantage as this sucks the fun out of roleplaying. For the sake of balance the Administration reserves the right to prohibit the use of certain powers, objects, vessels etc. even if they were in existence in the canon Star Wars universe.

We expect players to cooperate and collaborate with one another on an OOC level, even if they are sworn enemies in-character.

If you find a thread that you are interested in joining, please speak to the players involved before jumping in unless it’s clear that it’s open to anyone.

Always remember that our core purpose is to roleplay together and have fun; it is not to ‘win the game’.

5. Godmoding/Metagaming

Godmoding or metagaming is expressly forbidden. Any issues around this should be referred to the thread moderator, or to the Administration if no moderator has been appointed. The Administration reserves the right to ban players who godmode or metagame.

6. Actions and Reactions

Beware. In character actions taken by your character or your group may spark consequences (intended or otherwise) either from other players/groups or in the form of an Event posted by the Galactic Events Commission.

7. Character profiles are essential

We want to know about your character’s background and history, and so we expect all characters to have a reasonable biography before you start to post. You can amend this as your character is involved in Galactic events. It is mandatory to post your character’s biography here in The Holocron before you begin to post in The Galaxy, and have it approved by a Moderator. Additionally, you may also post your character’s biography in The Great Library (wiki) with more pictures and details that may not be suitable for a forum post.

We like our player characters to be well-rounded and properly developed. They should not be perfect; like all of us, they will have flaws and weaknesses!

Only one character is allowed per player.

Any special abilities such as The Force, or any specialized training beyond what would be considered in the “norm” for a typical character must be approved by an Administrator/Moderator.


8. Finish what you start

If a thread isn’t completed, it will be not be considered part of the official timeline. Threads do not have to be excessively long and we always recommend discussing the aims of a scenario with other players/groups before launching it. This should help everyone to know what they’re working towards and help to ensure that threads are completed.

Please make clear that a thread has been completed by making a final post summarising the salient points of the storyline. An Administrator or Moderator will then lock and archive it. Only threads that are in the Holocron forum are considered to have been completed, and therefore form a part of the official timeline.

9. Moderation
If you plan to start a thread in which the outcome cannot be agreed through discussion, or it involves a non-player character/group, or it is likely to have a substantial or lasting impact on other players or groups, then you may request that a moderator be appointed. The moderator will be an impartial arbiter, and should not be linked to any group or player involved in the thread. Any complaints about a moderator or requests to appeal a moderation should be addressed to an Administrator; the Administration may overturn a moderation or appoint another moderator if they uphold a complaint or appeal.  Moderation may occur via dice roll in accordance with SWV moderation guidelines.

10. Thread Information
When starting a new in-character thread, please explain the basic setting in the first post (e.g. date, location). The date should use the Galactic Concordance as the base point, and should be formatted as BGC (Before the Galactic Concordance) or AGC (After the Galactic Concordance). Threads may not be set in the future, but it is fine to have threads set in the past so long as they do not provide anyone with an unfair advantage or place anyone at an unfair disadvantage. This will be considered metagaming.

There will generally be an order to posting in threads which should be adhered to, but this can be waived with the consent of the other players involved or with permission from the moderator.