Current Player Character Factions


The New Republic

The Alliance to Restore the Republic, also known simply as the Rebellion, reorganized shortly after the battle of Endor to form the New Republic. This new galactic government was based on the principles of the Old Republic, and like the Rebellion, stood in staunch opposition to the principles of the Galactic Empire.

After the battle of Endor, the Empire had suffered a crippling defeat. Without the cohesive force that was Emperor Palpatine, the Empire wilted under the punishment of the invigorated Republic offensive. Having liberated a large swath of the galaxy, the Republic forced the Empire to cede the galactic capital of Coruscant in the treaty known as the Galactic Concordance and moved to reestablish the Senate. The first capital of the New Republic was based on the world of Chandrila, in homage to Mon Mothma, who had been assassinated by the Empire just one month after the victory at Endor.

The New Republic, although the major galactic government, faces challenges both internal and external. Many former Imperial worlds refused to join the Republic and remained united under an Imperial banner. Efforts to disarm these remnants have been challenging to say the least. Meanwhile, the chaos in galactic politics and the ensuing war has left the galaxy vulnerable to rot from within: criminal elements such as the Hutt and Sundance Cartels have not hesitated to take advantage of the opportunity to increase their own influence. If the Republic is to survive, they must find a way to stamp out the embers of the Galactic Empire as well as the criminals that would love nothing more than to see the chaos continue


The Imperial Core

Formed after the fall of the Galactic Empire and subsequent splintering into many distinct groups, the Imperial Core is located at the heart of the galaxy and is comprised of many of the galaxy’s oldest and most noble systems. Led by Karl V’Roma, a former high-ranking official in the Galactic Empire,  they are in an advantageous but dangerous position as one of the most powerful remaining Imperial groups.


Imperial Remnant

Pushed to the fringes of the galaxy during the end of the Civil War, the Imperial Remnant, led by a council of Imperial naval officers, holds the key fortress world of Bastion as its capital. This Imperial faction is comprised primarily of former Imperial military officers and represents a dangerous foe — or a powerful ally, for they also control the vast shipyards of Yaga Minor and the banking world of Muunilinst.

The Imperial Federation

The largest Imperial splinter groups in terms of territory and influence, this Imperial group is not necessarily one of the most powerful, and formed with the signing of the D’aarmont Accords approximately a month after the battle of Endor. They were one of the first regions to split away from the Galactic Empire and perhaps the most radical in terms of the changes they implemented. Their leaders include a former Imperial Grand Admiral and Grand Moff, as well as an elected Prime Minister.

The Federation disavowed the brutality and injustices committed under the previous Imperial government, pledging to usher in a new era of respect and dignity for its citizens. As such they established a new court system, as well as a special organization to root out the remnants of Palpatine’s corruption (who would then be tried for their crimes).

The Imperial Federation seeks to the protection of its member systems from invasion or subversion from any source, whether military, economic, or otherwise; as well as to maintain its sovereignty over its territory as defined by these Accords, using any and all military, economic, or other means; the pursuit of treaties with foreign powers, so as to quickly establish trade and other relations with them, where appropriate; the addition of Outer Rim systems to the Imperial Federation via non-military means, so long as this does not violate established treaties; and the exploration and annexation of Wild Space.

Non-Player Factions

Note: Some of the factions currently listed as NPC factions may become player factions. Please see the faction creation rules.

The Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire still exists as a loose  organization of former Imperial officials and territories. However, it is a shadow of its former self and indeed, some of its splinter groups and Warlords have refused to swear fealty, choosing instead to use the trappings of the Empire to legitimize or prop up their regimes. The Galactic Empire signed the Galactic Concordance officially ending hostilities with the Rebel Alliance (now New Republic), but it remains to be seen if its Warlords will honor the treaty in the long term.

The Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel has been in existence for millennia, and has made an impact — for better or worse — on galactic history. Publicly touting itself as a “business alliance,” the legitimate side of the Hutt’s business is really just the tip of the iceberg — the majority of their operations are criminal in nature to some degree. This fact is one of the worst-kept secrets in the galaxy — everyone knows that Hutt Space is synonymous largely with lawlessness and opportunity. The Hutts have been in disarray recently due to the death of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, with multiple powerful parties attempting to take power over the Cartel. The Hutts are also one of the few criminal organizations to claim a huge swath of territory, and the capital of this criminal empire is located on Nal Hutta.


The Sundance Cartel

The Sundance Cartel is one of the most influential criminal syndicates operating in the galaxy. Hidden behind countless front organisations, illicit groups, terrorist networks and legitimate faces, the Cartel operates from the shadows of the galactic underworld. Its influence grew rapidly after the Imperial defeat at Endor and demise of Jabba the Hutt’s criminal empire as the Cartel absorbed many of the enterprises once belonging to its rivals. It is involved in a wide array of legitimate and illegal ventures, from financial services to spice production, and commands a modestly sized but highly capable paramilitary wing.

The Cartel operates a policy of ‘hostile neutrality’ towards all other groups in the Galaxy, and still retains the special disdain for galactic governments that has been present in the Cartel’s thinking since its foundation.


Black Sun

Black Sun, which has existed since the Clone Wars, has been weakened with the fall of the Empire, but seeks to come back stronger than ever, competing against the Sundance and Hutt Cartels for control over the criminal underworld with the rise of the Republic. The Republic, aware at the outset of Black Sun’s support of the Empire, has made every attempt to snuff out the syndicate, to no avail. Black Sun will have its work cut out for it if it is to regain its former influence over the galactic government.

Bothan Council

The Bothan Council rules over several systems in Bothan Space. Although instrumental in helping the Rebel Alliance defeat the Galactic Empire, they are largely insular and seek to maintain their own independence and autonomy above all else. The capital of the Bothan Council is the Bothawui system.


The Corporate Sector Authority

The CSA was formed out of a group of corporations which secured control of the eponymous Corporate Sector, originally a few hundred star systems supposedly devoid of sentient life. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, a group of lobbyists petitioned the new Galactic Emperor for permission to extend the Sector to 30,000 star systems, with an agreement to supply the Empire with 3% of the sector’s gross product in exchange for a portion of surrendered Confederacy assets and full autonomy. Largely unaffected by the Civil War, the Corporate Sector Authority seeks to continue its efforts to exploit its thousands of systems. The capital of the Corporate Sector Authority is located on Etti IV.

The Centrality

Although they were allied with the Empire during the Civil War, in truth the Centrality did little to support the Imperial war effort. Focused mainly on maintaining their own independence and continuing to settle the worlds in their territory, they seek to continue their industrial profitability in this unstable time. The current capital of The Centrality is located in the Zebitrope system.

The First Order (Imperial Warlord State)

The First Order is a non-playable faction and is building its strength in the Unknown Regions, having rededicated their organization to the Dark Side of the Force.

Empire of Torch Nebula (Imperial Warlord State)

Originally a small sector in the Outer Rim, the Torch Nebula was governed by a Moff well known for his diplomatic and congenial nature . He had been quietly critical of the Tarkin doctrine (hence why he was stationed in the Outer Rim). Upon the death of Palpatine and the collapse of the Empire in subsequent months, Pelles was able to secure the allegiance of several systems surrounding the Nebula to his own Empire. Piluvia is the capital of this Outer Rim Empire.

The Imperial Redoubt (Imperial Warlord State)

The Imperial Redoubt was originally the remains of an Imperial expedition that clashed with the Chiss fortifications in the area around 1 BGC. After the fall of the Empire, the ragtag remnants of this expedition banded together and reconquered many systems in the area, led by a brilliant Admiral. They now seek to build shipyards to expand their influence. Their capital of this mini-Empire is currently located on Ansion.

The Tharin OverSector (Imperial Warlord State)

The Tharin OverSector, a splinter Imperial group held together by a former Grand Moff in the Galactic Empire, controls two important trade junctions in the Outer Rim, and rumor has it that many high ranking officials in the OverSector have close ties to the nearby Hutt Cartel, which does a significant amount of shipping through the area. This perhaps explains the robust nature with which the OverSector has rebounded from Palpatine’s demise. They have established their capital on Saleucami.

The Rishi-Teth Alliance (Imperial Warlord State)

Two Grand Moffs united their forces  to form the Rishi-Teth Alliance shortly after the battle of Endor. They control a vast swath of territory in the Outer Rim, past even Hutt Space. An arrangement between the two leaders has set the capital to switch periodically between Rishi and Teth. While the Hutts have a seeming ally in the Tharin OverSector, one of the purposes behind the formation Rishi-Teth Alliance was to combat the lawlessness in the region, including elements such as the Sundance Cartel, which also controls territory nearby.