Faction Creation Rules

Factions are an integral part of the RPG. The creation and/or leadership of a faction is not to be taken lightly. Activity levels have to be kept at a certain level — or else you may find a Moderator NPC’ing your assets!

The current faction list is located here. Many of the factions are currently open (ie. have no leadership or members). If you would like to lead one of these factions, simply PM an Administrator on the forums and they will discuss. We require all faction leaders to recruit at least one other member to be active in their faction and SWV in order for the faction to become a PC faction.

Beyond that, the requirements are minimal. We will consider all requests and get back to you in a timely manner with a list of starting assets, if approved.

If you wish to create a custom faction that is not listed on the Factions page, please PM an Administrator the following information:

    • Faction Name:
    • Leader’s Name:
    • Leader’s E-mail:
    • Group Website (If Applicable):
    • Forum Address (If Applicable):
    • List of Current Members:
    • Group Summary (Purpose, goals, etc.):
    • Diplomatic status with other groups:

Any unique technologies used by the group will need to be submitted for review and must conform to the technological level of the SWV sim before being allowed to use them. Items from other sci-fi genres using similar technologies MAY or MAY NOT be considered.

Any submissions may be refused because of an excess of a certain type of group, inability to send all required information during the submission process, signs of a possible lack of activity, or for other reasons.

Note: The Administrators of SWV make the final decision regarding the leadership or status of Factions. No changes are “official” unless they are posted on the SWV News, posted on the website, or otherwise announced by an Admin.